Advantage Testing SSAT Q&A

What subjects does the SSAT test?

Students who take the SSAT will receive scaled scores in each of the following subjects:

  • Quantitative: The quantitative sections test the math content that you are expected to have covered in your school curriculum: arithmetic, elementary algebra, geometry, and other grade-appropriate concepts.
  • Reading: The reading comprehension section contains around eight passages with approximately five multiple-choice questions per passage, for a total of 40 questions. Most questions test your understanding of the passage’s main ideas and how well you absorb key information. Other question types ask you to make inferences, test your understanding of vocabulary, and see if you understand the purpose or tone of the passage.
  • Verbal: The verbal section contains two question types: synonyms and analogies. Both of these question types directly test your vocabulary.

You will also have to complete an essay responding to a given prompt.

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