Advantage Testing SSAT Q&A

What is the difference between the SSAT and SAT? Which test is harder?

The SSAT and SAT are both standardized admissions tests, but they are administered at different points throughout a student's middle and high school years. The SSAT is used in admissions to independent elementary, middle, and high schools. The SAT is used in college and university admissions as well as for applications to certain summer programs.

Accordingly, the SAT is more difficult than the SSAT because it tests more advanced material. The SAT assumes that students have completed most of a high school curriculum, while the SSAT does not.

However, the SSAT is designed to be a challenging test targeted to your grade level, and it is difficult to achieve a top-percentile score. If you want to improve your performance on the SSAT, we have found that one-on-one tutoring helps students achieve their best scores. A dedicated tutor will develop an individualized program tailored to your strengths and weaknesses, helping you gain confidence, develop methods for approaching each question you will encounter on the exam, and achieve your best score.

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