Advantage Testing SSAT Q&A

How do I study for the verbal section of the SSAT?

The key to studying for the verbal section of the SSAT is careful, long-term practice. One-on-one tutoring offers the most efficient way to study for the SSAT verbal section because an excellent tutor can tailor a preparation program to your specific strengths and weaknesses. However, any practice, whether with a tutor, in a classroom, by yourself, or online, can help you prepare for the SSAT verbal section.

The verbal section of the SSAT contains two question types: synonyms and analogies. Both of these questions directly test your vocabulary. The best way to increase your vocabulary score for this exam is to improve your vocabulary. Prepare a vocabulary list by reading a lot of different kinds of books at or slightly above your grade level, looking up every word you don’t know and adding the words to your list. Then make flashcards from the words on the list, and study the flashcards every day. Take practice test sections. With each practice section, use a dictionary to look up any words that are unfamiliar to you, and add those words to your lists. Be sure to make vocabulary flashcards for any words you don’t know. Keep studying, and your vocabulary will increase—along with your verbal score.

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