Advantage Testing SSAT Q&A

How can I improve my SSAT reading comprehension?

The key to preparing for the reading comprehension section of the SSAT is careful, long-term practice. One-on-one tutoring yields the best results because an experienced tutor can tailor a preparation program to your specific strengths and weaknesses. However, any practice, whether with a tutor, in a classroom, online, or by yourself, can help you prepare for the SSAT.

The reading comprehension section contains approximately eight passages with around five multiple-choice questions per passage, for a total of 40 questions. The most common questions test whether you understood the main idea of and key information presented in the passage. Other question types ask you to make correct inferences, test your understanding of vocabulary, and see if you understood the purpose or tone of the passage. The best way to study is to take practice sections with the timings of the official test. Once you have completed a practice section, review the questions that you missed and the questions on which you had to guess. The more you practice, the more confident you will become and the better you will perform.

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