Advantage Testing SSAT Q&A

Do SSAT scores matter?

If you are applying to certain independent schools, SSAT scores do matter. Note that the SSAT is not required for admission to all private and independent schools, and some schools may require different standardized tests for admission, such as the ISEE. Be sure to check with each school to which you plan to apply to determine if you need to take the SSAT or another test.

Also keep in mind that schools evaluate applications holistically. Standardized test scores are just one component of your application. You may also submit school transcripts, teacher recommendations, student essays, personal interviews, parent statements, and other criteria. Every school considers each of these components differently in its application process.

If you feel you need to improve your SSAT score, do not worry! The content tested on the SSAT may initially seem challenging, but it is also learnable. With careful study of the concepts tested and regular practice applying them, all students can improve their scores. We have found that studying for the SSAT through one-on-one tutoring yields the best results because an excellent tutor can provide you with an individualized program tailored to your strengths and weaknesses.

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