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When should I cancel my LSAT score?

The Score Preview feature offers an exceptional advantage. For a fee, this option will allow you to preview and choose to cancel or accept your score before it is added to your score reports. 

After your official LSAT administration, if you have reason to believe that your official test went significantly worse than a typical recent practice test (e.g., you uncharacteristically failed to finish an entire reading comprehension or analytical reasoning passage), then you should consider canceling your score. However, it is completely normal to feel uncertain about how well you’ve done on your official test, so don't cancel your score too hastily.

If you do decide to cancel and aren't using Score Preview, note that cancellation requests must be submitted online by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on the sixth day after your LSAT administration. Most law schools will ignore the first cancellation, but many schools will expect or require an explanation for two or more canceled scores.

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