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Advantage Testing LSAT Q&A

Is the LSAT more important than my GPA?

The LSAT is weighted heavily in the law school admissions process, in many cases as much as or more than your cumulative undergraduate GPA. While your academic credentials (GPA and LSAT) are weighted most heavily, law schools tend to look at applications holistically, also taking into account the rigor of your undergraduate curriculum, undergraduate GPA, application essays, work experience, extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, and other factors when making admissions decisions.

LSAC provides a very helpful Official Guide to ABA-Approved JD Programs tool, which takes the two key data points of your undergraduate GPA and your LSAT score and generates a percentage range for your chance of admission at various schools (note, however, that some law schools, including several highly selective law schools, do not provide data to participate in this search).

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