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Is it bad to take the LSAT multiple times?

It is not harmful to your admissions chances to take the LSAT twice. We recommend that students allow time for retaking the test when they plan their preparation program. For example, if you are planning to submit a fall law school application, you should consider taking the test for the first time in June to give yourself the option to retake the test in August or September.

However, it is a mistake to take the LSAT before you are fully ready to perform at your highest possible level on the official test. If you generate multiple official LSAT scores (except for scores canceled using the Score Preview feature), LSAC will report an average of those scores to law schools, and a few schools will use the average score in their decision-making process. In addition, law schools will see a record of any score cancellation, and most will ask for a written explanation of multiple score cancellations.

Also note that taking the LSAT more than three or four times will diminish the impact of your strongest performance—with that many official scores on record, law schools may begin to use, or at least consider, the average score.

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