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Advantage Testing LSAT Q&A

Is three months enough time to study for the LSAT?

Preparing for the LSAT requires significant time and a serious commitment. Advantage Testing has found that it takes most students about four to six months of focused preparation to achieve their best possible LSAT scores. However, if you are able to commit a significant portion of each day (at least six hours) to your preparation, you can study for the LSAT in just three months.

If you are preparing for the LSAT within a condensed time frame, focus on taking full-length practice tests. The LSAT challenges students to finish sections under extreme time pressure. The best way to get better at the LSAT is to take as many timed practice tests as possible so that you learn to complete sections under the same time constraints that you will experience on the day of the official test. Most importantly, be sure to carefully review each test taken, paying close attention to every question that you answered incorrectly and every question on which you had to guess.

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