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Advantage Testing LSAT Q&A

How did the LSAT change in 2019?

The administration of the LSAT significantly changed in 2019. In July 2019, the LSAT introduced digital testing on Microsoft Surface Go tablets at select test sites, with a full transition to digital testing in September 2019. The format of the multiple-choice sections of the LSAT has not otherwise changed from the paper LSAT, and the content remains the same.

Additionally, as of June 2019, the LSAT Writing is no longer administered at the test site on the day of testing. Instead, students complete the writing sample on a secure online platform “at a time and place of their choosing” (according to the LSAC’s website). If you retake the LSAT, you do not have to complete multiple writing samples as each candidate is required to submit only one. LSAC will not release your LSAT scores until you complete the LSAT Writing.

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