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Can I move my LSAT date?

Yes, you can move your LSAT administration to another test date within the testing year (defined as June 1 through May 31) for a $125 fee prior to the test date change deadline (usually about five weeks in advance of the test). You can withdraw online from a test date up to the day before the test. If you withdraw prior to the withdrawal refund deadline (usually about a month in advance of the test), you will receive a $50 refund from LSAC.

If you do not expect to perform your best on the official test, feel free to change your test date. If you take the test and cancel the score later, you will not be able to see your score; moreover, law schools will be able to see that you canceled your score (unless you have canceled your first LSAT score through the Score Preview feature). Most law schools will ignore the first cancellation, but all schools will expect or require an explanation for two or more canceled scores.

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