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What is the GMAT Online?

To accommodate students’ testing needs during and after the pandemic, GMAC is offering the remotely proctored GMAT Online as a permanent testing option. While the GMAT Online is generally similar to the traditional in-person GMAT, there are some minor differences between these tests.

  • You can take the GMAT Online up to two times.
  • GMAT Online scores cannot be canceled. You will receive your GMAT Online scores within seven business days of your exam and can then decide to send one or both scores to schools. Score reports incur no additional fees. Starting sometime after April 20, 2021, you will be able to view your unofficial score immediately after your test, but you still cannot cancel your scores.
  • On the GMAT Online, you can use a physical whiteboard, an online whiteboard, or both; practice with the online whiteboard here.
  • Until at least April 20, 2021, the GMAT Online section order is fixed as Quantitative Reasoning (31 questions), Verbal Reasoning (36 questions), and then Integrated Reasoning (12 questions). There is no Analytical Writing Assessment. Sometime after April 20, the GMAT Online will have the same section order options as the in-person test, and it will include the Analytical Writing Assessment.
  • The Enhanced Score Report cannot be ordered for the GMAT Online.

Where possible, standard GMAT testing has resumed at Pearson-VUE test centers.

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