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Is it bad to take the GMAT multiple times?

While it is not bad to take the GMAT several times, you should note that a small minority of schools will ask you how many times you took it, and an even smaller minority will ask you how you did on each test. Nonetheless, we advise our students to expect to retake the GMAT at least once. You can take the in-person GMAT only once within any 16-day period, no more than five times within any 12-month period, and no more than eight times in a lifetime. The GMAT Online contributes toward the annual and lifetime limits. Canceled test scores do count toward these limits.

You should wait to take the GMAT for the first time until you feel confident and have taken multiple full-length practice tests. You should retake the GMAT if you feel that you can score significantly higher with additional preparation. Most students need to prepare for the GMAT with study sessions, tutoring, and timed practice testing multiple times each week for several months before taking their first official test.

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