Advantage Testing GMAT Q&A

Is a 640 a good enough GMAT score to be admitted to an MBA program?

A 640 may be a good GMAT score for some business school applicants. For students taking the GMAT between January 2019 and December 2021, a score of 640 was at the 64th percentile. A 640 is below the average score for many leading business schools (e.g., the mean GMAT score of the MIT Sloan class of 2021 was 727).

Keep in mind that GMAT scores should not be considered “good” or “bad” in themselves, but only relative to your goals. When setting goals, you should take into account the mean and 75th percentile scores at the schools to which you hope to apply, your practice test scores, and the other strengths of your business school application. For example, if your score is above the 75th percentile of students admitted to your top-choice business school, you can feel confident that you have a “good” score.

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