Advantage Testing GMAT Q&A

How can I get a 700 on the GMAT?

While you can study for the GMAT on your own or in a class, our experience indicates that one-on-one tutoring provides the most effective preparation for achieving a high score on the GMAT. An excellent tutor will be able to determine and address your individual strengths and weaknesses and tailor a preparation plan that will enable you to achieve your best score.

However you choose to prepare for the GMAT, be sure to study the underlying concepts on all of the sections of the test and then practice taking as many timed, full-length practice tests as possible. Taking practice tests is a key element to any preparation plan because you will gain experience and confidence completing questions under timed conditions, become familiar with the logistics of the official test, and develop the stamina needed to complete a full test to the best of your abilities.

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