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What is a good ACT score for a freshman or sophomore?

What defines a “good” ACT score depends on your own goals. As a freshman or sophomore, you probably have not been exposed to all of the core academic concepts tested on the ACT, so your score would likely be lower than it would be as a junior or senior.

As you define your goal, keep in mind that everyone starts at a different point, and your goal should be one that you can achieve with hard work and sustained study. Also note that the medians, means, and ranges of ACT scores vary greatly among colleges and universities, so ideally your goal is within the range of the schools to which you intend to apply.

For most students, we recommend beginning ACT preparation in the second semester of your sophomore year. You should then be prepared to take the ACT for the first time in the spring of your junior year, leaving time to retake the test the following summer or fall, if needed. However, some students take the test earlier or later. It’s always best to take the ACT when you feel prepared and confident in your ability to achieve your best score.

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