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What is a good ACT score? What is a bad ACT score?

What determines a "good" ACT score for you depends on your goals. Different colleges and universities have different medians and ranges of standardized test scores, so your goal should be within the range of the schools to which you intend to apply. Keep in mind that everyone starts their ACT preparation at a different point, and your ideal score should also be one that is within reach.

ACT scores are scaled from 1 to 36. Over the 2022–2023 school year, the mean composite ACT score was 20.3, the mean score on the English Test was 19.5, the mean score on the Mathematics Test was 19.9, the mean score on the Reading Test was 20.9, and the mean score on the Science Test was 20.3.

Selective colleges often have average scores that are considerably higher than these national averages (e.g., the average composite ACT score of students admitted to Brown University is 34). To determine the score you will need to be a competitive applicant, check the websites of the schools to which you plan to apply or other college-ranking websites to find the range of ACT scores of admitted students.

Remember that your ACT score is only one part of your college application. Colleges and universities also consider your high school GPA, coursework, application essays, letters of recommendation, and extracurricular activities.

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