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Is 17 a good score on the ACT?

For the 2022–2023 school year, a score of 17 was below the threshold “College Readiness Benchmark Scores” for all sections of the ACT. A composite score of 17 was at the 38th cumulative percent (on the English Test, a 17 was at the 44th cumulative percent; on the Mathematics Test, the 47th cumulative percent; on the Reading Test, the 36th cumulative percent; on the Science Test, the 34th cumulative percent).

Thus, for most students, 17 is not a good score. ACT scores, however, should always be assessed within the context of individual goals. Keep in mind that many students do not achieve their goal the first time they take the test, and that rigorous practice and long-term study of the tested concepts can help students substantially improve their scores.

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