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How do I send my ACT scores to colleges?

When you register for the ACT, you can send your scores to up to four colleges at no additional cost (students who have received fee waivers can send their scores to an unlimited number of colleges). Note, however, that these colleges will receive your scores before you have the opportunity to review (and possibly cancel) them. If you want to select which scores to send to colleges (assuming those colleges allow selective reporting), you can order additional score reports from your ACT web account for a fee.

Regular additional Score reports for scores after September 1, 2020, cost $18 each. Additional Score Reports for archived scores (i.e., for tests taken before September 1, 2020) cost $30 each. Regular score reports are processed within a week of the request and then delivered to colleges within two weeks after that. Archived scores take an additional one or two days to process.

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