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Do I have to report my ACT score?

Each college and university has its own policy regarding ACT score reporting. Some schools may ask you to report all ACT scores, while others may allow you to choose which scores to send. Some schools will accept superscore reports, while others may choose to look only at full test scores.

To cancel a score, email the following information to act-cares@act.org with the subject “Score Cancellation Request”:

First and Last Name: 
Date of Birth: 
Email Address: 
Mailing Address: 

You will then be asked to provide more details, including which test score(s) you want to cancel. Once a score is canceled, you will never be able to submit that score to any school or scholarship program, and the score will not be included in your superscore. Canceled scores cannot be reinstated. You can cancel scores only from standard test dates—not from State, District, or On-Campus testing.

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