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What is the difference between the GRE paper test and the GRE computer test?

While most students take the GRE General Test on computers, a paper version of the GRE is offered in locations where computer testing is unavailable. If you live in one of these countries, visit the ETS website to find a nearby test center.

Both versions use the same scoring scales and comprise the same three GRE sections: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. These sections will include the same types of questions as well, but the GRE paper test doesn’t include any reading questions in which you must choose a sentence from a given passage to answer the prompt. 

The major difference between the tests is that the computer GRE is section-level adaptive, meaning that the second Quantitative and second Verbal sections of the test will be easier or harder depending on how you perform on the first section of that type.

Each Quantitative and Verbal section of the paper GRE includes 25 questions, instead of 20 questions like the computer-based GRE (and each section of the paper test is five minutes longer). Visit the ETS website for a full breakdown of the format and structure of the paper and computer tests.

Also note that all GRE Subject Tests are administered as paper tests only, and they are offered three times each year. You can find information about GRE Subject Test centers on the ETS website.

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